General Information

If there was no air you would be dead and so would I… so yeah, there is air and it is good for you.

Yes, we will be announcing artists, but only as we add them to our line-up. We will announce our headliner acts once we have them booked. Set times will be announced a few days before the festival begins.

We are seeking volunteers to help us with various jobs mostly in Administration and Registration areas during the show dates. In exchange for your work (8 hours minimum please), you will be given a single day pass for free entry on any of the days you are not working. Regarding photography volunteers, if you are VERY talented and can prove it on Instagram, Flickr, etc., then we can talk about getting you a free pass. Email us at volunteer@synthplex.com

No. Besides, marketing and killing trees to make paper is killing us all. Remember, we need air. Trees make air. Don’t ask us why.

Sorry, no. Synthplex is for all people, but an infant would have trouble with the intense amount of sounds coming from all of the exhibitors. So, for that reason alone (the safety of your child), we ask that you please do not bring your infant child into the convention center or into the concert events. You are welcome to bring your child and stroller in and out of the hotel and you can probably bring your child to the seminars safely. Hey, we love kids, but we also want their hearing protected.

Yes, you may bring a medium backpack that is no larger than 20” x 15” x 9” (H,W,D) when packed. All backpacks and briefcases are subject to search at anytime during the festival weekend.

Yes, but only outdoors. No smoking and no vaping indoors at any time.

The nearest gas station is 1.6 miles from the hotel. It is a Shell gas station located at 7710 N. Hollywood Way. There is a drugstore directly across the parking lot and street from the hotel & convention center. There are several food places in that same area as well, including Daily Grill, Lakeside Country Club, Denny’s, Del Taco, McDonald's, Panda Express, Fish Dish Burbank, and Starbucks for your morning coffee & breakfast. There is also everything you need right in the Marriott hotel as well and they have a great coffee bar right in the lobby.

Yes, to all of the above! You can get all kinds of great food right on the premises.

Electrical outlets for charging cell phones will be located in numerous locations throughout the convention center, but be sure to bring your own charger cord.

Hotel & Travel

If you are a local and are commuting by car, you should arrive as early as possible each morning, as you will have to compete for parking spaces at the hotel parking lot. We have a special rate for parking in the lot of $19.00 per day (instead of $29.00 per day). You can buy discounted pre-paid parking passes in the Convention Center lobby (except on the day you first arrive). Just ask a Synthplex staff member to point you in the right direction. If you don’t want to deal with parking, please take uber or Lyft to the Convention Center.

The average temperature for Burbank and Los Angeles in March is 70° F (21° C) and typically it won’t be raining (knock wood immediately) … perfect weather for all you snow birds who want to get out of the cold weather.

Burbank Hollywood Airport (formerly known as Bob Hope Airport) is less than a mile from the LA Marriott Burbank Hotel & Convention Center, located at 2500 N. Hollywood Way, Burbank, CA 91505. Airport code is BUR. Website link is: http://hollywoodburbankairport.com/

The answer is no. Unless you make your own special arrangements 30 DAYS PRIOR with Marriott hotel management. There are only so many parking spots available for buses and large vehicles…