The Benjolin is an original circuit designed by Rob Hordijk. The core of the Benjolin module contains 2 oscillators, one lowpass filter & a circuit designed by Rob himself call the “Rungler”! Each oscillator can be cross-modulated by one another allowing dual cross-modulation between both oscillators allowing for extreme timbres & sonic exploration. Buck Modular has added a few of their own twists to the circuit, adding the possibility to select your own modulation waveform to be sent to each oscillator with an LED to give you some visual feedback. Outputs include oscillator 1 (pulse & triangle out), oscillator 2 (pulse & triangle out), PWM output, the “Rungler” output, XOR logic output between the 2 oscillators & finally, the lowpass filter output, which is the mixture between both oscillators running into the filter. Furthermore, the filter can start to sound very wet & this allows for some amazing “drippy sounds” that are not duplicated on other filters. This kit includes; All parts, PCB & custom Synthplex exclusive front panel.  It does not include the knobs so that you can select your own color and style.

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Benjolin DIY Eurorack Modular Kit from Buck Modular

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