The Radikal Accelerator

From the Michael Lehmann Boddicker Collection

The Accelerator from Radikal Technologies is an 8-voice digital synthesizer that can be expanded up to 32 voices when you install two 12-voice expansion boards. The Accelerator was released in 2011 and while this is not a very old synthesizer it is a unique and rare one. The Accelerator’s feature include 3 digital oscillators per voice, 2 filters (each oscillator can be fed into one or both filters), a string filter which can produce more natural instrument sounds, like plucked strings, violin sounds, etc., four FX-busses, a 32-step sequencer per part with up to 8 parts after installing one voice expansion, a programmable arpeggiator per part, a dedicated EQ section, 6 envelope generators, 4 LFOs, a large mod-matrix, and more! Adding just one expansion board gives you access to a really nice 61-note organ module as well.

The Accelerator delivers an amazing sound quality like you have never heard before from a digital synthesizer. Each voice consists of three oscillators, two multimode filters, 6 envelope generators, three voice LFOs and one section LFO. Phase modulation, time linearity modulation, oscillator synchronization, ring modulation, sweepable waveforms and a unique modulation and audio matrix which provides a much bigger spectrum of usability and flexibility vs. an analog subtractive synthesizer. An additional noise source with independent multimode filtering and variable signal routing has been added for even more sonic flexibility. A three band full parametric EQ per voice is a perfect addition to the engine to place that instrument right into the mix. A very nice balanced lightweight keyboard with 61 keys, keyboard split option, aftertouch and velocity sensitivity completes the new synthesizer.

The Accelerator is perfectly prepared for Live performances. A lot of synthesizers nowadays do not offer direct patch selection anymore. Instead of using direct access push buttons one has to dial in the desired patch and press enter. The Accelerator makes sound selection instantly available at your fingertips with dedicated patch select buttons. Additionally, the unique program chain feature allows for programming a chain of programs that selects the correct patch automatically for you. Another stunning new feature is the the built in acceleration sensor. Movements of the keyboard are converted into modulation data. This brilliant addition allows for controlling parameters like pitch, the filter frequency or modulation depths by lifting up or shaking the keyboard.

The Accelerator would certainly not be a Radikal Technologies synthesizer if the designers had not integrated some sequencing & arpeggiation goodies. You can enter some notes into the step sequencer, transpose the sequences with the left hand while performing a solo at the upper end of the split keyboard. You must come and check out this incredible synthesizer.