Jordan Rudess

Jordan Rudess

Pioneer of Electronic Music

Voted "Best Keyboardist of All Time" by Music Radar Magazine, Jordan Rudess is best known as the keyboardist/multi-instrumentalist extraordinaire for platinum-selling Grammy Award- winning prog rock band, Dream Theater. A classical prodigy who began his studies at the Juilliard School of Music at the age of 10, Jordan’s music is a unique blend of classical and rock influences. In addition to playing in Dream Theater and Liquid Tension Experiment, Jordan has worked with a wide range of artists including Deep Purple, David Bowie, Steven Wilson, Jan Hammer, Enrique Iglesias, the Paul Winter Consort, Annie Haslam, LMR (his side project with Tony Levin and Marco Minneman), Blackfield, Aviv Geffen, the Dixie Dregs, Rod Morgenstein and Tony Williams among others. Jordan’s interest in state-of-the-art keyboard controllers and music apps are another area of his career in which he has achieved success. Jordan owns the successful iOs app development company Wizdom Music, creators of award-winning apps such as GeoShred, MorphWiz, SampleWiz, and Geo Synthesizer. Wizdom Music’s latest app GeoShred, was created in collaboration with moForte, founding members of Stanford University’s Sondius team. In addition, Jordan is Artist-in-Residence at Stanford University’s Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics and an influencer for cutting apps including video/image editing app, Lighttricks and AI audio app, Moises. Jordan’s Patreon page offers access to his live streams and lessons.

Session: Jordan Rudess Explores Musical Tools (and Toys)

Jordan Rudess, keyboardist with Grammy Award winning prog metal band, Dream Theater and award-winning iOS app creator invites you to step into his world of cutting edge apps and technology. Jordan will present some of his latest music software tools that he uses onstage and in the studio.

Date/Time: Friday, Oct. 28th at 11:00 AM

Room: Hollywood/Glendale