Dave Rossum

Dave Rossum

E-mu's Chief Wizard

50 years ago, Dave dropped out of graduate school to found E-mu Systems. In his role as E-mu's Chief Wizard, he invented numerous modular synthesis technologies including ultra-stable oscillators, modular sequencers, polyphonic keyboards and analog synthesizer chips, before pioneering Digital Sampling Synthesis with the Emulator, and later the Drumulator, the SP-1200, and the Proteus. Dave also assisted other companies in their groundbreaking products, such as the Oberheim 4-voice and the Sequential Prophet 5. In 1994, E-mu was acquired by Creative Labs, and Dave became their Chief Scientist. During the Creative years, E-mu produced the E-64, ESI, Emulator IV, and other well known samplers. Dave left Creative in 2011 for a 5 year stint as the architect of DSP ICs for cell phone audio. Then in 2016, Dave founded Rossum Electro-Music, signed on as a Technical Fellow at Universal Audio, and began designing analog ICs for Sound Semiconductor. When he's not inventing new synthesis technologies, you'll find Dave running marathons, SCUBA diving, or backpacking in the High Sierra with his standard poodle, Lily.

Session: Submodules, Samplers, and SP1200's: 50 years of Synthesis

Dave will present highlights and anecdotes from his career, starting at E-mu Systems (founded 50 years ago) through his current work at Rossum Electro-Music.

Date/Time: Friday, Oct. 28th, at 4:00 PM

Room: Hollywood/Glendale