Axel Fischer

Axel Fischer

Synthesist, Author, Product Manager at Schmidt Synthesizer

Synthesizer connoisseur Axel Fischer from Munich / Germany was in Highschool when he built the DIY modular synthesizer "Formant", which was published in the German magazine "Elektor" - this was in 1977. Since then he is an active part of the German synthesizer scene, among other things as author for the german magazines KEYBOARDS and Synmag, presenter and internet forum operator.

Due to his experience as project- and product manager in a large company, he finally switched to the music electronics industry. He was involved in John Bowen's "Solaris" project and has been product manager for Schmidt Synthesizer for several years now.

Session: Advanced waveform modulation and internal sequencing - deep dive using the Schmidt

The Schmidt is a polyphonic analog synthesizer that goes far beyond the boundaries of analog sound synthesis. Handmade built as an uncompromising instrument - with an uncompromising price. The presentation shows the sophisticated PWM modulation possibilities, why a modulation matrix can be dispensable and how to make sequences without a sequencer.

Date/Time: Sunday, Oct. 30th 10:00am

Room: Pasadena