Alan Parsons

Alan Parsons

Recording Engineer, Musician and Industry Legend

Alan Parsons started working as a junior engineer at Abbey Road studios in London, working almost immediately with The Beatles on sessions for Abbey Road and Let It be and also on the ‘rooftop’ concert on the Apple building, the group’s final live performance. Alan’s career as a recording engineer is best shown on Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon, where, in addition to recording the band he also conducted the sampling and looping sessions. Alan went on to become a star producer in the 1980s with countless hits with artists such as Ambrosia, Al Stewart, Pilot, Cockney Rebel and including himself as half of The Alan Parsons Project. He continues to produce (and engineer - Steven Wilson’s The Raven That Refused To Sing) and create courses for his Art & Science Of Sound Recording (ASSR) company with fellow Brit, keyboardist and author Julian Colbeck. In spite of numerous nominations, Alan only won his first GRAMMY in 2019 for Best Immersive Album. His latest album, From The New World, was released in August 2022 on Frontiers Records.

Session: Synthplex Keynote

Alan Parsons will attend Synthplex “In Visio” LIVE from his studio! Alan Parsons has had a long love affair with music technology in general and synthesizers in particular. From his use of EMS synths with Pink Floyd to owning one of the first Fairlights to his iconic synth amalgams on Sirius. Throughout his production career and careers as artist and songwriter has explored new sounds and textures that only synthesizers can provide. Alan Parsons remains widely emulated and sampled and in his keynote address he’ll explain his philosophy of sound and production.

Date/Time: Friday, Oct. 28th 10:00 AM

Room: Burbank