Beneath the bright lights and beyond the velvet ropes of Hollywood lies a different Southern California: a desolate land filled with darkness, punctuated by unrealized dreams, and broken down with anguished hearts. Tigercide, formed half a decade ago in LA, gives musical form to this landscape with the ethereal, melancholic vocals of Shexist and the exotic, shadowy, and balanced beats of Saint Brendan.

The post-punk of bands like Joy Division and New Order embodied a de-industrializing Manchester. The Bristol sound of Massive Attack and Portishead gave voice to the multicultural grittiness of their city. So too does the darkwave trip-hop of Tigercide capture the ethos of Angelenos anxious about their future. In a city characterized by soaring rents, temperatures, and population, can there be any more California dreaming?

"Tigercide presents that mesmerizing trip-hop aura from start to finish and breathy, dreamlike vocals make up the delicate chorus." ~ BuzzMusic

Genres: Darkwave, Trip-Hop

Date/Time: Saturday, October 29th 7:00pm

Stage: North Stage