Meridian Alpha

Meridian Alpha

Meridian Alpha is a music project formed by James Coker specifically to pursue a unique mix of dark ambient, sequenced and experimental electronic music. Personnel includes Chris Meyer on sequenced percussion, samples and resonances, Jason Fink on guitar, pedals and ambiences, and Coker on sequences for bass, textures, and further abstractions. Meridian Alpha performs both as a duo and a trio.

James Coker is a software developer, product designer, visual artist and musician living in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Coker got his start in electronic music at at Stanford's CCRMA computer music group. This sparked a lifelong obsession with electronic and experimental music.This eventually led to the release of the Numerology sequencing software in the early 2000's. In 2018, Coker released the Five12 Vector Sequencer, a hardware sequencer for the Eurorack Modular format.

Chris Meyer learned modular synthesis in the late 70s. He worked for Sequential, Digidesign, and Roland, where he created Vector Synthesis, developed early samplers and hard disk recorders, and wrote several additions to the MIDI spec. Chris has recorded under the name Alias Zone, and most recently started Learning Modular plus co-wrote Patch & Tweak to share what he’s learned with a new generation of electronic musicians.

Genres: ambient, electronic, experimental

Date/Time: Saturday, Oct. 29th 7:30pm

Stage: Courtyard Stage