Pablo Perez

Pablo Perez

Los Angeles-based experimental electronic sound artist Pablo Perez is known for his sonic landscapes that explore the relationships between decay and regeneration. His improvisations are a means to capture the ephemerality of creation and destruction in real-time. His work examines themes of sound and space ranging from micro and found sound, noise, glitch, and chaos, embedded in unrefined rhythmic and melodic gestures.

I am interested in simulating the natural patterns of my environment, everything from my internal biology to the world around me and the world I cannot see. “I explore how noises interact with each other, their composition, structure, and properties. Nature has its own rhythm that doesn’t adhere to consistency or time. It reflects the natural flow of all the things that surround it.

Pablo Perez continues to perform at venues, alternative spaces, and festivals throughout the Los Angeles area and was the first performer at the first Synthplex Synthesizer festival and gear expo in its inaugural year.

Genres: Electronic Glitch & Noise

Date/Time: Sunday, Oct. 30th 1:00pm

Stage: Courtyard Stage