Jesse Nason


Jesse Nason is a California native that has been playing keyboards and drums in various bands in the OC/LA area, including Deccatree, AM, The Black Lantern, Perfect Beings and currently with Mono Sources. Some of his influences are Tom Morello, Pink Floyd, Alessandro Cortini, Suzanne Ciani, Nils Frahm and Brian Eno. He is a collector of sounds and he is a fan of melody, drones, and noise coordination. He has performed solo shows at Modular on the Spot, Synthplex, Sound Pedro and CSULB and is constantly recording with different acts. Over the pandemic, he recorded the album "All of the Nightmares" with one of his first bands, Wonderlove. The album is a mixture of rock and prog and features a variety of keyboard instruments including a 1974 Moog modular, Rhodes, and Oberheim OBXA. Also recorded during the pandemic were new tracks from Mono Sources, which feature a lot of synthesizer work on the Moog Matriarch. These songs will start to be released in late Fall 2022. All of the music Jesse records can be found through links at his website and also on streaming platforms.

Genres: Drone, electronic, new-age, avant-garde

Date/Time: Friday, Oct. 28th 7:00pm

Stage: Courtyard Stage