Pedro Eustache

Pedro Eustache

Award-winning Multi-Directional Soloist, Composer/Researcher/Lecturer/Educator

Pedro Eustache [AKA Petros GlobalTronix] is a Venezuelan-born, US citizen award-wining multi-directional soloist (flutes/reeds/world winds/wind synths), composer/researcher/lecturer/educator with years of solid academic studies & professional experience.

He has years of symphonic experience, (founder of El Sistema's “Simon Bolivar Symphony Orchestra”-Venezuela); European (France-Switzerland) degrees in classical flute & a MFA in Jazz from CalArts-USA, as well of studies with legendary world music masters (like Pndt Ravi Shankar).

He is Involved in electronic music since the late 70’s, performing (wind synthesis), composing & sound designing/programming in both analog & digital [DAW based] system, has performed all over the world, touring with “Hans Zimmer Live”, “Game of Thrones” & “The World of Hans Zimmer”, as well as in “EP-PE” a powerful duet with Eric Persing (Spectrasonics President).

Pedro has concertized/recorded &/or toured with 1st class artists from across many music cultures (like Sir Paul McCartney, Dr. James Newton, Shenkar, Googoosh, Shakira, Yanni, among many others) & has been the 1st call studio world-winds specialist in the L.A. recording scene for years (including John Williams, Hans Zimmer, James Newton Howard, John Debney, John Powell, Ramin Djawadi) and has a collection of around 600 musical instruments (including many designed/built by himself).

Session: My Approach as a Performer/Sound Programmer/Composer into Wind Synthesis

Will share my personal philosophy in wind synthesis, as a creative performer & composer, as well as emphasizing elements of musical fundamentals (musical phenomenology) in the renewed interest in electronic music of today.

Date/Time: Sunday, Oct. 30th 1:00pm

Room: Hollywood / Glendale