Kris Kaiser & Trovarsi

Kris Kaiser & Trovarsi

Kristine Kaiser, co-owner of Noise Eng. and Trovarsi, modular synth & hybrid setup performer

Kristine Kaiser, co-owner of Noise Engineering a premiere modular synth manufacturer in Los Angeles. Trovarsi is a vocalist, pianist and producer and she has been producing for 10 years and over the last few began performing live.

Workshop: From Ableton to Modular: Making the Connections (Female and Non-binary participants only)

Participant requirements: Working knowledge of synthesis and music, ideally within a DAW (We'll use Ableton Live for concepts in the workshop). No knowledge of modular synthesis required. Participants do not need to bring anything.

Workshop description: In this workshop, we demonstrate how your background in synthesis can be applied to modular synthesis. We’ll cover basics about getting started, terminology, how a modular system correlates to a synth you’ve already played, and how modular can be incredibly powerful.The majority of the workshop will be hands-on, with participants creating a patch and explaining to others what they have created.

Workshop capacity: 16 female and non-binary participants only.

Date/Time: Saturday, Oct. 30th & Sunday, Oct 30th 1:00pm - 3:00pm

Room: Producers A / B