Glen Darcey

Glen Darcey

CEO at Ashun Sound Machines

Glen Darcey is a veteran of the synthesizer industry having worked for 360 Systems and Roland in the 80’s-90's, multiple sound library companies during the sampler era, and heading up product management/product direction for brands such as Akai, Arturia and currently, Ashun Sound Machines.

Some of the products Glen was behind include the Akai MPK and MPD series, the APC-40 Ableton controller, the MPC5000 and Renaissance, The EWI-4000s wind controller, The Minibrute, Microbrute and Matrixbrute analog synthesizers, Beatstep, Beatstep Pro Keystep, and Keystep Pro sequencers, Microfreak, Audiofuse interface line, and many software synth titles.

When not working on music gear, he is usually found working on music gear.

Session: Diving deep into the Ashun Sound Machines Hydrasynth

The Hydrasynth is a ground breaking sound designers dream, as well as one of the most expressive modern synth to come out in a long time. We will go over the voice engine, the performance controls and show you how to dig in and navigate the system.

Date/Time: Friday, Oct. 28th 10:00am

Room: Pasadena