David Frederick

David Frederick

Emmy-nominated and multi-award winning film and television composer, keyboard player and synthesist.

David is an Emmy-nominated and multi-award winning film and television composer, keyboard player and synthesist.

In addition to crafting his own work as a composer and artist, David has composed music, performed with, programmed and created sounds and samples for other high profile artists, entertainers, composers and music technology companies (Akai S-900, MPC-60, X-700, Kurzweil K-250, K-150, Early Digital Pianos & Rack Modules, ATMEL, AMD, Sony Creative Media Software's ACID, Soundelux, The Hollywood Edge, VoiceCrystal and many more).

David attended Berklee College of Music under the Chick Corea Jazz Masters Scholarship where he studied Film Scoring and Music Synthesis. He also studied at MIT Sloan School of Management with a focus on innovation. He has lectured and given masterclasses on music composition, film scoring, advertising music and jingles, cinematic and game sound design, and synthesizer programming at Univer sities, Colleges, schools, and industry forums.

Whatever your personal tastes in music, media, entertainment or popular culture, chances are good that you’ve had at least a passing acquai ntance with the work of David.

Session: Using the ARP 2600 for Visual Media Scoring

With the renaissance of analog synthesizers in modern modern musical production, this presentation will discuss using analog synthesizers like the ARP 2600 to expand your compositional and s onic pallet. Especially for visual media scoring. David will discuss topics such as compositional philosophy and why use the ARP 2600 and ot her analog synthesizers, application and understanding of the fundamentals of synthesis for the composer and sound designer: wave forms, fi lters, and envelopes, presets versus programming, real vs. clone vst, best practices, and more! The objective of this presentation is to inspire and enable composers, musicians, DJ’s and producers to embrace the ARP 2600 and other analog synths in a broader more creative and ins perational manner. If you love the ARP 2600, this presentation is for you!

Date/Time: Saturday, Oct. 29th 10:00am

Room: Pasadena