Alison Tavel

Alison Tavel

Filmmaker, Archivist

Alison has worked with various artists on tour and in the studio as an assistant including Grace Potter, Beck & Jenny Lewis. She is also the video research and archivist for the Tom Petty estate. In 2018 she found never-before-seen footage of the band and used it for a music video of a previously unreleased Tom Petty song from the ‘80s entitled “Keep A Little Soul.”

In 2014 Alison began filming the resurrection of a synthesizer invented by her late father in 1979 called the Resynator. Through this process, she began to connect with her father who died in a car crash ten weeks after she was born in 1988. Alison has the only remaining unit left, and is on a mission to get the Resynator back out into the world. Her feature documentary, Resynator, is currently in production with an expected release date in 2021.

Session: Resynator: A Synth Resurrection & Documentary Project

Alison Tavel will share the story behind the Resynator, a pitch-tracking, analog/digital synthesizer invented by her father in the ‘70s. Resynator demo by Jon Natchez (War On Drugs).

Date/Time: Friday, Oct. 28th 2:00pm

Room: Pasadena