Consummate TechDweeb, visual artist and NovaTone “musician” univac continuously re-purposes the detritus of trickle-down technology toys and off-the-shelf electronics in order to create circuit bent audioVisual hybrids—causing the engineers of the original items to shudder in disbelief. He has been making experimental electronic noise and visuals since the late 1980’s.

univac holds a degree in cinematography and sound-designed for film/video, games, software and the early web and VR in the 1990’s for such diverse clients as SIGGRAPH, AOL, Microsoft (Paul Allen), Silicon Graphics, NTT, Thomas Dolby, VR pioneer Char Davies, and science fiction writers Alan Dean Foster & Neal Stephenson.

Combining analog video, circuit bent audio and video gadgets, Apple's Quartz Composer, and modular synthesis univac creates real-time audio-reactive visuals for live performances.

He hails from California, and has written articles on the art of circuit bending for low-brow, high-shelf art mag Hi-Fructose; sound engineered for cutup culture-jammers Negativland and is a co-conspirator of: Big City Orchestra, Daevid Allen (Gong, Soft Machine), Wobbly, Thomas DiMuzio, Evolution Control Committee, Edward Ka-Spel, The Silverman, The Legendary Pink Dots and currently a member of the art-nerd super-group SynthLab Collective.

SynthLab Collective also performed at the 2019 SynthPlex festival

Genres: Experimental Electronic, Noise, NovaTone

Date/Time: Friday, Oct. 28th 6:30pm

Stage: Courtyard Stage