Kim Bjorn

Kim Bjørn

Kim Bjørn is perhaps known best for creating the now music-industry-standard books PUSH TURN MOVE, PATCH & TWEAK, and recently PEDAL CRUSH. Besides being an author and designer, he has composed and performed ambient music for decades, using a modular system, synthesizers, guitar pedals, software, and all kinds of musical interfaces. He’s released six albums with his deep ambient, and often hypnotic soundscapes, spanning from melodic space music to organic drones and artificial audio worlds.

Also known as Dreamhub, Kim has played at numerous music festivals, including Different Skies, Mountain Skies, Karelian Skies, Strøm, and Samsara, and his soundscapes have been used in Danish films. He initiated two Moment of Peace concerts in Iceland, has performed with thereminist Dorit Chrysler, and Desmond Tutu, among others. And in the mighty kingdom of Denmark at least, his monthly three-hour chillout live sets at the Cathedral of Copenhagen are legendary.

Genres: Ambient, Electronic

Date/Time: Friday, Oct. 28th 6:00pm

Stage: Courtyard