Hark Madley

Hark Madley

Hark Madley is the immersive exploration of genre-blending soundscapes realized by Los Angeles based producer and composer Mark Hadley. With a reverence for minimalism and experimentation, Hadley uses his moniker to investigate familiar themes with alluring new sounds. Deep basses, eclectic synths, and kinetic grooves coalesce with organic textures and contemplative vocals to conjure a sonorous lushness, rich in subtlety and warmth.

After releasing his debut “EP1” in 2018, Hadley released a series of ambient works in 2019 and is now back with the first single from his upcoming LP, The Future Is The Question!

Hadley also composes music for film and television, and is one half of the left-of-center pop outfit More Giraffes.

Photo by Ellie Pritts.

Genres: Ambient-ish

Date/Time: Sunday, Oct. 30th 2:00pm

Stage: Courtyard Stage